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What is the National Federation of State High School Tennis Associations?

The NFSHSTA was formed to help improve and grow high school tennis in the United States by helping state high school tennis associations communicate with each other and by helping any state which does not have a high school tennis associations create one.

The organization does this in the following ways:

  1. The NFSHSTA provides a forum for existing state high school tennis associations to communicate with each other in order to share information and ideas on rules, fundraising, organization, coaching, sponsorships, annual meetings, etc.
  2. The NFSHSTA helps those states which do not have a dedicated state high school tennis association create one by providing a free Web site as the focal point for bringing a state's high school tennis coaches together. In addition to a free Web site, the NFSHSTA can assist nascent (and existing) state associations in securing liability insurance, coaches education and equipment programs.

The NFSHSTA does not create, operate, own or control any state high school tennis is the desire of the NFSHSTA that every state have its own, independent state high school tennis organization. When this happens, the NFSHSTA's sister organizations, the U.S. High School Tennis Association and U.S. High School Tennis Coaches Association, which currently provide support to American high school tennis, will no longer be necessary.

The NFSHSTA was initially funded, in part, by a grant from the United States Tennis Association, the governing body of tennis in the U.S.